BREAKING NEWS: Two Explosions Hit Kampala, Police Speaks Out

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Shock and horror gripped people in Kampala after two explosions rocked the city centre on Tuesday morning.

One of the explosions happened on Parliamentary avenue next to the Jubilee Insurance offices while the other at the Central Police Station in the city center.

In the press briefing, Police also officially released CCTV footage showing how the deadly attack at Central Police Station happened. The twin bomb blasts were coordinated by a terror group linked to ADF according to Police.

The suicide bomber (one with a back bag in the video) died instantly after detonating the bomb at Central Police Station according to the force.

“The CCTV footage clear revealed a male adult putting on a black jacket and a backpack with the bomb which he detonated killing himself instantly,” Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said.

Witnesses told of carnage at the scene, with cars ablaze and windows shattered at the Central Police Station.

Meanwhile, proceedings in Parliament have been called off and MPs advised not to come to the building. Cars parked near parliament went up in flames.

Enanga says the first deadly attack at Central Police Station happened at exactly 10:03 AM while the second one, at Parliamentary avenue happened at 10:06 AM.

He said 33 people were injured and five of these are in critical condition. “The threat is against the lives of all Ugandans, from an enemy that we all know. Let’s work together to fight this threat,” Enanga said.

“Two suicide bombers were also captured on CCTV cameras, moving on motorcycles and disguising as Boda Boda riders, they detonated the bombs that killed them instantly along Parliamentary avenue,” he added.

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