ClinicMaster: a Ugandan BPO company making money through managing clinic billing software

According to the founder of ClinicMaster, Wilson Kutegeka, one of the services they offer is automation of patients’ transactions or activities in the hospitals.

”So, if you go to any hospital using ClinicMaster staff, do not use pen or paper to capture medical data. Information is captured, shared electronically.” he says.

From Uganda to the world

Kutegeka explains that with support from partners like the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, the company has been able to empower healthcare facilities in Africa to streamline their operations, improve efficiency and grow their clientele base.

So far, they have served over 10 million patients across five countries (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and Zambia) in over 180 healthcare facilities.

He highlights that when they engaged in BPO services first, they looked at their core competency since their speciality deals with technology and programming.

“We write software codes and you will realise that majority of our organisations much as they need IT services, but very many that’s not their core competence and for us that’s our speciality,” Kutegeka explains.

He adds, “We decided to engage in BPO so that we can take that extra step for majority of these organisations specifically hospitals and clinics. So, by automating their operations, they are actually able to run faster and efficiently.”

He says they are taking away a support service of these organisations, meaning that these organisations can concentrate on their core competence.

For anyone willing to invest in BPO, Kutegeka advises that they look at the speciality they have as an organisation and concetrate on that.

“BPO services is a wide industry. There are many things that you can do. It could be call centre, development and others.” he says.

According to Kutegeka, currently, they are a team of 20 people headquartered in Kampala. They also do work outside Uganda.

This year, the Government of Uganda, through the ICT ministry embarked on an initiative to develop the BPO sector in Uganda to address the challenge of unemployment especially amongst educated youths.

As part of the initiative, the ministry has drafted the National BPO policy which shall provide a clear and reliable framework under which all BPO players will thrive.

The policy shall also create visibility and improve international competitiveness for the local BPO Industry by prescribing regulatory frameworks, reforms and projects that are relevant to the growth of the industry.

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