EAZI: Africa has the prospect to become the highest net exporter of technology talent

Earlier in May, he was a speaker at the 2023 Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, where he shared his views on African music’s role in developing and stimulating the continent’s creative economy.

Paramount on Eazi’s mind in Estonia was the potential for business alliances in tech. Estonia presently has the most start-ups per capita of any European nation. It is ranked first in the region for its business environment by the Emerging Europe IT Competitiveness Index.

“[Former president] Ilves shared how Estonia has been positioning itself to be friendly for tech founders and entrepreneurs through its digital e-residency program,” Eazi said.

“You can set up your company digitally in Estonia, and become an e-resident.”

Eazi, who via Zagadat Capital recently invested in Decagon, a company that trains engineers in Nigeria and pairs them with jobs worldwide, sees a major opportunity for African tech talent to gain a foothold in overseas markets such as Estonia.

While this was Eazi’s first visit to Estonia, he is not a stranger to the country’s business environment. His VC fund Zagadat Capital has already invested in the mobile payment service PawaPay, which employs a number of engineers in Estonia.

“I believe this is my first of many trips to Estonia, and I am excited at the fun stuff and ideas we will execute together,” he stated.

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