FXPesa opens academy in Kampala to offer financial literacy lessons

“The financial literacy skills will be of great benefit to the young people, especially those who have just left school and want to create revenue streams for themselves and those who want to diversify within global markets,”Kiraka said.

He explained that the academy will train those who wish to participate in forex trading to learn skills of risk mitigation.

“We train them on how to manage their investments, how to read the graphs, look at the trend and take advantage of volatility to make money but also to be able to know when to come in and exit the market. It is a volatile market but if you take the risk management tools provided, you will be able to navigate profitably over a long time.”

According to Kiraka, the company has delivered financial education to over 400 000
people in other locations in East Africa.

Moonika Jurgenfeldt, Commercial Director for Equiti Group in Africa, said the academy will help support the country’s initiatives to uplift the quality of life for its people through improved levels of financial literacy.
“Through FXPesa’s education programmes, we want to equip Ugandans to make informed financial and economic decisions that improve their income levels and drive  economic growth. We plan to use our new FXPesa Academy in Kampala as an entry point into Uganda. We want to build on its success and expand to other locations in this great country to  provide more Ugandans with the same opportunity,” Jurgenfeldt said.

Norbert Kiiza Barigye, the Education Lead for FXPesa Academy in Uganda, said this is an opportunity for Ugandans to learn more about financial literacy related to improving their wealth.

“The learning at the academy will include risk controls, how to generate income by online trading and the convenience of safe deposits and withdrawals
using mobile money. The numerous programmes offered by FXPesa will empower Ugandans with the right tools as well as knowledge to take sustainable decisions in the financial markets space,”Barigye said.


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