Housing Finance Bank celebrates Lira district customers in jovial customer dinner

The dinner was well attended by customers from all sectors including education, agriculture, manufacturing and business to mention but a few. On behalf of the bank, representation was made by Mr. John Baptist Kaweesi the Head of mortgage and consumer Banking, Carolyn Agudo the Head of customer experience and several staff from the HFB Lira branch.

In a brief presentation, Mr. John Baptist highlighted a few services and products that are offered by the bank and shed light on the bank’s sustainability journey. “We are more than just a bank; we are mindful of mother earth too and passionate about saving our environment. For this, we have moved a number of our services online for instance, you can open an account online and also invest with a securities portal that can be accessed on our bank website.’’ – Mr. John Baptist Kaweesi, Head mortgages and consumer Banking.

Away from reward and appreciation, the bank’s customer experience officials held a session to listen to customer feedback. Among the issues addressed were interest rates, redress sharing platforms and the HFB customer experience team addressed them accordingly.

“As a person who has been saving with HFB for a long time, I want to appreciate the reception that is wonderful. I have not banked at HFB Lira only but many branches across Uganda. I assure you; I have always been treated like a VIP. I commend the employer for choosing and training staff – Mr Emmanuel Akeny – a long term customer.

With customer experience at the cornerstone of HFB’s service delivery, the bank will continue to hold a series of countrywide interaction sessions and implement continuous improvement measures to ensure customer satisfaction across all interactions.

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