Meet Ahikyirize: A 22 year old entrepreneur making good use of internet 

Daniel grew up in the deep village of Kasese, and was raised by humble parents that struggled so much to put food on table. Growing up in a modest environment, his family emphasized the value of education as a way for her to get ahead and be successful..

This led to Daniel to develop an interest in the Internet, particulary online trading. But after completing his high school and securing a place at Makerere University, Daniel decided to drop out from his Engineering course to pursue his online passion neither he nor his family members expected or even knew existed.

His passion for the internet introduced him to so many online opportunities and like many of his peers, Daniel began pursuing a career in consulting or finance online.

An internship on his Youtube channel was his first introduction to financial markets, and she found that while he enjoyed interacting with markets online, he really wanted to do something a little more hands-on.

While on the internet, Daniel got a dream of specializing in online trading and hence the birth of Forex Bulls Academy, an organization whose mission is to help create equal opportunity to access education online about trading online. Given Daniel’s childhood and family background, this mission resonated with him and so he ended up making an Academy that we see today.

In his recent interview, he explains the early birth of his Academy “Early November 2021, that was the birth of the Academy, I needed to create a place where people with the same goals would come and talk about a common thing! I organized multiple physical classes and some big seminar events,” he said.

He adds on that ”My plan was to get some big cash and go trading full-time, the only thing I thought about was tuition” The 22-year-old opens up

He goes on to reveal that ” When the schools opened, I was sent to school and our tuition was about $1000, I paid $500 and kept the balance to me! Funded my account with only $250 and kept the balance with me, from then everything is history! I made my first ever $1000 in 2 weeks from funding! And by 6 months I had raised up to 60k in my trading account.

Forex Bulls Academy is the first forex training institution in East Africa Founded by Daniel Ahikyirize.


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