PesaMoni’s Asher Namanya moves to bridge gap in financial technology

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It all started faintly; we started PesaMoni under a tree from Nakawa tech Institute and later the company moved to the home of the three founders to start officially. The Company was founded by asher Namanya asanasio (CEO), andrew angulo (CTO) Susan Gimono (corporate Business). In 2016 the company was incorporated under the laws of the republic of Uganda and Kenya. From then we have been innovating until now and we shall never stop innovating. this is what we believe in- to be able to change this world with the power of technology.

PesaMoni is a global financial technology Platform that facilitates payments, enables Money transfers from wallet to wallet, mobile and Bank. PesaMoni launched in 2016 with the vision of making money transfers, payment very easy through innovation and advanced technology. Our main goal is to replace mobile money platform and be the best option for consumer money Transfer Company all over the world.

PesaMoni has PesaMoni mobile money network sending money via Scan technology using QRcode, from PesaMoni user to another user at a low cost. PesaMoni users load money in various ways i.e. through a PesaMoni agent, mobile, and bank. PesaMoni connects to Visa- Master network to enable users send money at cheaper price from all over the world to mobile, PesaMoni and to make easy collection on Business.

A PesaMoni user can have a business account or a normal account which enables them to make payments or receive or send money easily by using PesaMoni app which is on play store.

Our main strength and strategy is to keep innovating because we have power within ourselves. Our slogan is You Can Make it and we believe that Technology never stops to advance – Your power is in your brains and mindset to make things or to break things- no one will change you but you are the first change.

We innovate to empower people and change the lives of those around us- We have the Power to do so and that power is our brains and mind nothing else.


PesaMoni has operations in both Uganda and Kenya. In Kenya we have integrated with the biggest telecom Operator Safaricom as an aggregator to deliver money transfers to Mpesa, though in Uganda we have our own PesaMoni agent network where PesaMoni users both consumers and Businesses can send and receive money and withdraw through PesaMoni agents.

We have also integrated with the biggest telecom operators, MTN and AIRTEL for Mtn Mobile Money and Airtel Money respectively. PesaMoni has birthed the biggest social financial platform called Cash Chat and Bold Cashers, they have over 200,000 clients on the platform as of now.

We keep innovating and we have the latest technologies- PesaMoni using Financial technology platform running on Ruby on rails stack.

We have Bold Cashers Limited which is a payment service provider, Financial technology and electronic marketing Company that connects everyone who is bold in life to change their current state of lives. Both companies have been in operation for over three years. The company supports M-Pesa, MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda and Bank Visa/Master Card deposits.

Additionally, we are running CashChart a project which has been running for one year so far. The objective of CashChart is to bringfinancial technology on social media. CashChat does more than social media, it has a wallet in the chat, money transfers, wallet to wallet, airtime top-up, withdraws to mobile, bill payments, member savings, sponsored Ads-to all users, instant chats one on one and group participants of up to 1000 Members among others something WhatsApp and other social medias have not been able to achieve.

We are going Cashless in Africa, and so Cash Chat gives that advantage to access all services in one stop over without moving away from where you are as social media users and consumers.’’

The project was released November 30th last year at the I-Hub in Nairobi, one of the greatest technology hubs in Africa.

Namanya’s achievements

Namanya has worked as a technology consultant for G.Team a USA based technology company under Versata Group one the biggest tech companies in Tech between 20122014. He also worked in Warid Telecom as a supervisor in the department of Data and solutions for 2 years, Simba Net Wanainchi Group as a manager still for the Data and solutions Department for one and a half years.

Asher has undoubtable expertise in accounts. He worked as Head of Accounts for Crown Rock Shield company in Kenya a company that was responsible for suppling uniforms to the UPDF, the Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania army. He was blessed to work with Barclays bank South Africa on a project in research and development based in Bacelona.

Namanya is a competitor of himself and appreciates the uniqueness technology brings in the financial sector. He aspires to change the world together with his team especially in the technology industry. Later this year, we shall be louching Katch-up an event marketing model that will ease the way people do fundraising.

Products and services

The PesaMoni Integrated System (PMIS) is a platform that integrates a one to many and many to one solution that interconnects to GSM NETWORKS and Financial Banking systems. The PMIS supports several program operations and management functions, such as accepting mobile money deposits for businesses, bulk payments, visa/master card to mobile.transfers, mobile to bank transfers within and without the Ugandan border, utility Bills and airtime payments to businesses and users, High level security account management and transaction logging for both businesses and users, progress reporting and performance overview to business users: Below are products and services.

Wallet Transfers -Transactions via PesaMoni App, Mobile deposits via Mobile Money, Bank Transactions to mobile and wallet in realtime, Merchant acquiring and Business integrations via PesaMoni API, PesaMoni Agents- Withdraws and deposits, PesaMoni wallet to Mobile, Pesamoni to pesamoni user, Remittances to Mobile and PesaMoni users, Business Money collections, Hotel Booking payments, School fees payments, Bank API Card transactions and Bulky payments.

User transactional Charges

We charge on every transaction for deposits and withdraw consumer based on transactional tiers. On transactions, we charge 3.8% for business and merchant collections and acquire Fx fees: PesaMoni levies 3% an FX fee on any payment in or out of the platform.


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