September inflation drops to 4.5%

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A sustained decline in the prices of food and related items in the last two months has pulled down the cost of living in September.

Information from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) indicates that the annual headline inflation in September declined 4.5% down, from 4.6% registered in August.

In September, President Museveni continued to open up economic sectors from the COVID19 lockdown in a bid t boost economic activity. But data from the central bank shows that many consumers were hesitant t resume their previous spending patterns “partly due to fears of contracting the virus and uncertainty about earnings.”

UBOS data shows that the decrease in annual headline inflation is attributed to a drop of minus 6.2% on annual food crops and related items compared to a minus 5.4% recorded in August 2020.  

Foodstuffs including; maize flour, fish, cassava, registered declines.  Additionally, over the months Ugandans paid slightly less for fruits, vegetables, onions among others.

“But right now, we are heading to an off season period. Current market prices might be up,” Aliziki Kaudha, director macro-economic statistics at Ubos said. 

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