Standard Chartered Bank Launches Kiosk Banking

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Standard Chartered Bank Uganda has unveiled its first Kiosk Bank outlet located at Capital shoppers in Ntinda.

The launch marks a strategic alliance between the bank and Capital Shoppers which will see the Bank set up a number of similar outlets at various locations. 

Standard Chartered CEO Albert Saltson launch Kiosk Banking launch

Kiosk banking is a low-cost model which creates a new touchpoint located in a high traffic area where clients can access digital services.

It enables clients to make instant enquiries and be efficiently and effectively serviced or supported even as they make their other banking transactions on their own.

Standard Chartered CEO Albert Saltson the launch of Kiosk Banking is in response to a review of the bank’s footprint presence and locations within the city and neighbouring towns.

“We believe in making day-to-day banking easier by providing a comprehensive range of digital solutions that meet the various needs of our stakeholders. As our clients continue to embrace digital banking solutions, we are listening to their needs and tailoring solutions to meet their expectations and their evolving needs and trends in order to remain relevant and deliver our aspiration to be the Main Digital Bank for our clients,” he said.

Capital Shoppers proprietor, Eva Ngabirano said the Kiosk Banking outlet is certainly a necessity and will greatly improve clients’ experience as they will be able to make free withdrawals, bank as well as be assisted by the bank’s informed personnel manning the outlet.

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“With this recent innovation, Standard Chartered Bank continues to demonstrate that it is going the extra mile to cater to the changing needs of its clients through a strategic digital strategy. The Bank ensures that its brick and mortar branches are strongly complemented with investments in technology so as to break barriers of traditional banking,” Ngabirano said.

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