Swangz Avenue to expand its operations in Africa

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Julius Kyazze, the CEO of Swangz Avenue has in a CNN interview Inside Africa, announced the planned expansion of Swangz Avenue to other countries

During the interview, he shared exciting news about the company’s recent ventures and plans for the future.

Kyazze spoke about Swangz Avenue’s new ventures, including the Creative Academy, which has seen success just a few years from its genesis.

The academy aims to provide training and support for young creatives in Uganda and beyond, helping them to develop their talents and build successful careers.

The CEO spoke about the importance of influencer marketing in this digital era and the need to structure brand influencer relationships.

He emphasized the role of Swangz Influencer Management in connecting brands with the right influencers, ensuring that the partnerships are beneficial for both parties and provide measurable results. He also expressed his hope that the influencer management program would continue to grow and thrive, empowering the next generation of digital creators and influencers.

The CEO hinted at Swangz Avenue’s plan to roll out its operations in other countries. He explained that the company has already established a strong presence in Uganda and is ready to expand its reach to other parts of Africa and beyond continent borders.

The expansion of Swangz Avenue’s Influencer Management Program and the company’s plans for international expansion are exciting developments for the creative industry in Uganda and beyond.

With Kyazze at the helm, it’s clear that Swangz Avenue will continue to be a force for positive change in the world of lifestyle and entertainment and beyond.

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